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  • wood phone case


Our clients can pick the natural material designed products by elements – Original finish whole piece of material; Colorful material; Mixed by multiple materials.

Whole piece of material on the back with original color.
Multiple color of same material on the back.
With mixed material for great visual.
Designed back not limited to material.
iphone X maple wood case
iphone X bamboo case

Why Choose Mr. Artisan Wood Craft?

Our products are made of ECO friendly material, wood bamboo, marble, seashell. It is no longer a plastic world.

Since the natural material, every item is unique in the world. It is easy to create custom iPhone and iPad cases and your life style.

From renowned designer patterns to your own favorite photos, every case product is totally customizable, by laser engraving or printing.

Welcome OEM&ODM, our team is ready to go!

We are listening.